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Favourite Episodes in no particular order (subject to change)

  • A Tale Of Two Evil Geniuses (Epic fight scenes and one of the only times and the best time a villain fights another villain, and epic Gus karma at the end).
  • Robotman (one of the best, if not the best fight scene from this show, and I like Robotman himself, amazing action).
  • Robolympics (it’s great having 5 major villains along with a minor villain who we didn’t expect to reappear in the same episode, and it has cool action scenes).
  • Tragic Magic (A fun episode and chaotic episode and the introduction to Felonious Hexx, though Robotboy is stronger then this episode makes him out to be, and Hexx doesn’t really react to Robotboy when he first sees him, which just makes me think that the writers may have partially forgot about Robotboy when writing this episode).
  • War and Pieces (this should have been the first aired episode, cool episode and cool introduction to Moshimo and Miumiu, though Gus was a real idiotic jerk here).
  • Kamikazi Nightmare (Cool, fun and crazy episode).
  • Party Out Of Bounds (All 5 major villains at the time (Protoboy was a one-time villain at the time and Vance Cosgrove technically is not a major villain) are in the episode and it’s nice to see them interact, and the episode is pretty fun. Only problem I could think of could be the ending, which might have been cruel on Tommy and Gus' part, but who even cares about Gus and Tommy has had far worse).
  • Halloween
  • Roughing It
  • The Babysitter
  • Brother Bjorn (Introduction to two of my favourite villains! Jaa!).
  • Kamispazi
  • Brother (Introduction to the local Knight of Cerebus this show has. Destroy!).
  • Something About Stevie
  • Kami-Chameleon
  • Kindergarten Kaos (Just why would Ro not try to avoid the grenades though?)
  • Crying Time
  • Fight
  • Automatommy (Cool superactivation and action and I like seeing all the different powers).
  • Science Fear (Automatommy, but with Kurt but still distinct from that episode and cool action).
  • Human Fist on Ice
  • The Return of Robotgirl (This episode feels as if it were made for the fans of the show, it was freaking AWESOME to have Robotgirl and Protoboy in the same episode and fight each other, shame she didn’t superactivate, but her fighting altogether was awesome)
  • Up a Tree (S.M.T.H.R.S is a cool villain, funny moments such as Donnie being electrocuted and Gus being ignorant to the danger at the climax and a good fight scene).
  • Six Million Euro Man

Neutral or Undetermined Episodes (subject to change)

  • Soothsayer (Some funny and cool moments, but Gus gets no karma for his actions. At the very least Sweet Revenge called him out, he gets nothing here).
  • Donnie Turnbull's Day Off (Robotboy and Tommy might be too sadistic at the end (they seem way too smug and cruel even though Donnie is a douche) and how did they know Donnie was scared of Robotboy? Did they just guess He was?. There is also a heap gross and disturbing stuff in this one, perhaps even more then normal. Such as the nightmare scene and the freaking scene where Donnie pours out his nose contents and Dwight drinks it! Also a brief continuity error where Robotboy seemingly does not know what sleeping is. And how did Donnie come to the conclusion that Robotboy was behind some of his suffering anyway? And what he says implies he already thought Robotboy was behind it, so did he think something was up with Tommy's ”robot toy" before this episode? Also if you flashback to Up a Tree, which was an episode where Donnie saw Ro in normal mode, you might want to bring that up, because Ro talks to Donnie and even flys when he is looking in a brief scene. Episode was funny at times though. Donnie is a douche bag, but I’m not really into him being abused. Up a Tree did this better as that episode was more creative with Donnie abuse and had more to it then Donnie getting put through the winger. If Donnie suffering is what you are particularly into, then this episode is for you. I honestly wonder if the writers for series 2 had a passionate hatred for Donnie).
  • The Legend of Brainy Yak (Are they trying to tell an emotional story or a comedic story? There is potential with the story and it does have good moments, but it could have been executed better. And Dave should be shot and killed because he is just the worst).
  • Runaway Robot (Season 4 episode) (I enjoyed the episode for the most part, but the ending is a bit idk for me. Isn't the plan Tommy, Conny, Kamicrazy and the Dilos have lying to Robotboy? The very same thing he accused Tommy of at the start of the episode? And Lola is just a darn jerk in her sole scene, where she says to Tommy to get over Robotboy leaving him (isn’t Ro one of her friends, not just Tommy's?) and calls Tommy pathetic over being depressed. You could actually try helping him get over Robotboy if you are one of his "friends"! The fight scene could have been longer, but it could have been worse).

Least Favourite Episodes (subject to change)

  • Aunty Gravitee (Stupid gross out episode, and some scenes feel rushed, and the ending stunk because Gus left his new friends after insulting them like the jerk he is and no one (seemingly except Lola) gave a scrap. Tommy's smug face during that scene better not imply he is fully aware of what Gus did and doesn’t give a spam).
  • Constantine Rising (Tommy was too much of a selfish douche, even though he apologised and stuff, and those rings Moshimo made are just only there just to force a moral (and are never seen again), same with that closing the cage door on Tommy to get him to let his friends help thing. Blah blah blah, teamwork, blah blah blah. Kamikazi and Constantine stuff was alright. We didn’t need the plot with Tommy. And is the message that no one, but Robotboy should defeat the villains? That is stupid to say the least and a freaking lie to say the most. If this episode left out the Tommy stuff, then this episode would have been better).
  • Gus's Big Mouth (It starts out promising, but it falls downhill. Are we supposed to feel bad for Gus? Give a good reason for it please. Tommy is such an idiot thinking Gus should know better, until he finds out the teeth are making Gus say rude things. But he doesn’t apologise for blaming him. How can no one notice Gus' (same goes for Hexx himself at the end because of those bikers) voice changing? And why The hexx is Robotboy out in public not even trying to stay hidden? Considering moving to the neutral episodes list, but I’ll have to unfortunately see the entire episode again).
  • Ooh That Smell (This was a bad way of showing that Robotboy isn't perfect and the baby stuff is just stupid. The nose plot was probably only an excuse to get the baby stuff started. And Robotboy is shown to be able to smell both before and after this episode, so this episode is utterly pointless).
  • Runaway Robot (Robotboy's stupidity and actions anger me to a unholy level, he never even apologises for almost killing his creator, and why did he seem to threaten to kill Bjorn's mother? Was he telling her to stay out of this, or was he seriously going to kill her?! She did nothing to him. What an absolute IDIOT).

Favourite Fight Scenes (subject to change)

Favourite Superactivations (subject to change)





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