About me

I`m usually civilised to people,but can be cruel when pushed.

So much so,that I got 2 Global Bans on Wikia(they`ve expired now) for cussing at others.

I`m trying to keep it under control for now.

I usually play Games and watch Cartoons/Anime to pass the time.

I also go on the internet every day, I don`t think there has been a Day when I HAVEN`T been on the internet.

Even if it`s just via Phone or 3DS.

How I discovered this Show

I watched it while it was still fresh,but my Sister said it was childish.

I was really put off by her view on it, and didn`t watch it again until 2011.

In  2011, CN was airing repeats of  the Show every night at 21:00-3:00 AM

and I taped a lot of it.

I watched the Show most nights,and didn`t care if my sister saw me watching it in the Day.

However, I began to realize that I watched the entire Series.

So I gave up on it.

Until now...

I looked at this Wiki,and I saw Vandal Pages everywhere.

I didn`t think much of it back then,but I decided to adopt it about a Year later,so I`m not as obssesed with it as I once was, but will take some time to expand this Wiki,and give it the database it deserves.

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