Vance Cosgrove is a journalist who believes in supernatural things and aliens plus also believes that Robotboy is an alien as well and tries everything to make sure he gets exposed so he can get famous.


As an adult and journalist he seems to have a pretty poor life. He has a big cheek with an unshaven beard and big black eyebrows. Normally he is seen wearing light-brownish journalist clothes, a hat and like to have a toothpick holding on his mouth. His inner ears are shaped like a reversed 2 number.


  • He makes a cameo on the Season 4 episode: "Runaway Robot", where he can be seen on the city's big monitor.
  • He has appeared officially in 3 episodes or 4 if you count his cameo.
  • In "I Hero!", his color scheme was changed a bit. His skin color is now pale, his hair is darker, his tie is green and his clothes are brighter.
  • Vance along with The Doctor are the only characters who are not afraid of Gus' parents and the only character to ever come to their house to meet them.

International Dubs

Language Voice Actor/Actress
Swedish Peter Sjöquist
Danish Peter Zhelder


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