Von Der Schnitzel was a double agent from the enemy who pretended to be the ambassador from his country and was supposed to give a speech on a special night that was organized by Ambassador Mbola.

Romcroft and his team of secret agents (including Special Agent) were at the party to arrest him. Special Agent uses Robotboy to attack Von der Schnitzel. When Von der Schnitzel starts his speech with, "This is a great day", it would trigger Robotboy to attack the first person he saw with sunglasses.

But when Robotboy attacks Special Agent, who was told to wear his sunglasses after a warning from Romcroft, Von Der Schnitzel noticed Special Agent and realizes that he came to arrest him. So he grabs Gus and keeps him as a hostage to escape. But when Lola demands that he let go of Gus, he agrees and takes her instead as hostage.

He flees to the roof chased by Tommy and Special Agent. On the roof he escapes with a helicopter. Tommy activates Robotboy, who then Superactivated and aimed an energy cannon at the fleeing helicopter. However, Robotboy noticed that Lola was inside it along with Von der Schnitzel and couldn't shoot the helicopter down in fear of hurting her. Robotboy deactivates his cannon and flies after Von der Schnitzel instead. Von der Schnitzel tries to get rid of Robotboy by shooting at him, but Robotboy tricks him into shooting off the propellers of the helicopter.

Von der Schnitzel and Lola scream as the aircraft plummets towards the ground but Robotboy saves the helicopter only because Lola was in it. Robotboy then ties up Von der Schnitzel using the metal from the helicopter and Tommy and Special Agent arrive so that Special Agent could arrest him. Special Agent is happy to see Robotboy since he said it'd prove to Romcroft that he exists. However, Tommy smartly responds with, "What robot?" before using his watch to make Robotboy return to Activated mode. Special Agent is disappointed but then perks up when he realizes that he'd then get the credit for the rescue of Lola and the capture of Von der Schnitzel. Special Agent is so excited, he exclaims, "Oh yeah! This is a great day!", forgetting that this triggers Robotboy's attack mode. Robotboy then chases after Special Agent, using his thrusters to burn him as Lola and Tommy watch on and laugh.

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Von Der Schnitzel's Upset Form


  • Von der Schnitzel is a German name, so he could pretending to be the ambassador from Germany or Austria. But it's unkown why Romcroft considerd that two countries as enemies.
  • Schnitzel is one of the best known specialties of Viennese cuisine. The Wiener Schnitzel is a national dish of Vienna, Austria.