Robotboy sure has a lot of parts. - Lola
"War and Pieces" is the 2nd episode of the series and the 1st(b) of Season 1 of Robotboy.


Tommy is mending Robotboy in his room when Gus barges in and knocks him to the floor, losing Robotboy’s aggro-capacitor. Without this piece of technology, Robotboy is unable to fight, thus Tommy must get Robotboy back to Professor Moshimo before evil attacks. 

Naturally, Kamikazi latches onto the situation and follows the gang to Moshimo’s secret home in his "invisible" travel craft. While the kids get a tour of Moshimo’s luxury pad, Kamikazi summons his hench-yetis and preps them for war! 


Tommy and Lola have taken Robotboy apart so they can clean all his parts but then Gus just opened the door which knocked on Tommy so then Tommy was putting Robotboy back together and Lola searched for any missing parts. And then Tommy gives up and decided to call professor Moshimo and told him which one went missing and he said that's Robotboy's aggro capacitor without it he has absolutely no ability to fight at all and when Dr. Kamikazi heard this he evilly laughed.

Moshimo told Tommy to come to his place right away for a replacement and said he'll email him the directions and to prepare Robotboy for download and they sat on a sofa which Robotboy picked up and flew them on and then they flew past Kaziland and Dr. Kamikazi and Constantine came out and he told Constantine to summon forces and so then Constantine blew the horn and Kamikazi took it off him and hit him over the head with it.

Then Robotboy and co reached Moshimo's Secret Lab which they all thought was amazing and Moshimo asked how their journey was and he trusts they are not followed and Gus said "not a chance" unbeknownst to them that they had been followed and Moshimo introduced them to his fiancée Miumiu and went to fix Robotboy and then Gus let wind out in the professor's Jacuzzi and so then Tommy and Lola kicked him out and Kamikazi and co were all out there then Gus banged on the door for them to let him back in so then Tommy left to let him back in then Kamikazi told all his clones to attack meanwhile professor Moshimo was in the middle of fixing Robotboy when Tommy and co came up saying they have company then Moshimo told Miumiu to activate defenses and sent Lola to help her and asked Tommy to assist him.

Then Lola and Miumiu came in saying there's trouble and told Miumiu to activate the safety dome and then Moshimo said that they will be able to finish the repair then Gus said "hey what's this button do" to which Moshimo responded "noooooo" then Gus pressed it then Kamikazi told Tommy who was behind the table finishing Robotboy to hand him over.

Then Tommy activated him then Robotboy Super-activated then Kamikazi told his clones to get him. They shot out lasers and Robotboy blocked them all and attacked them and then Dr. Kamikazi kidnapped Tommy and they flew out. Robotboy followed and was about to shoot them and then Kamikazi told him to surrender or he'll he'll.. and said he can't say it on television but he will do something pretty evil to Tommy so then he stopped and then Tommy bit Kamikazi to which made him scream then Tommy took control of the steering wheel which he drove into the ocean. Robotboy saved Tommy then flew back to the lab and Moshimo thanked them and Tommy said to him maybe Robotboy should stay with him because he's his creation and he told Tommy no he's an old man and Robotboy belongs with him and then they flew off.



  • Gus: Hey, what’s this button do?
  • Professor Moshimo: NOOOOOO!!!


  • This was the 3rd episode produced for the series.
  • The first appearances of Lola Mbola (in aired order), Professor Moshimo and Miumiu (in both orders).
  • The title is a reference to the novel War and Peace from Lev Tolstoj.
  • Tommy is shown plucking Ro's Aggro-Capacitor from his head, but later on in the episode and in "Don't Fight It", it's located in his chest.
  • As Gus prompts to press a button, not knowing it would open the Safe House, he exclaims "Hey! What's this button do?". This is a reference to a prior Cartoon Network show Dexter's Laboratory (Which Robotboy director Charlie Bean also worked on) as Dexter's sister, Dee Dee, says the same thing when pressing buttons, wrecking similar havoc.
  •  At the near end of the episode Dr. Kamikazi threatens "Surrender or I'll...I'll...I can't say it on television, but I'll do something pretty evil to the boy... pretty evil." This is the first episode to Break the Fourth Wall as a result of Kamikazi acknowledging such a taboo subject as death in a children's Cartoon show, although it's still unknown what exactly he wanted to do.
    •  Most likely either experiment on him, mutate him, or torture him.
  •  Robotboy has no speaking lines in this episode which is also the first of the 7 episodes in the entire series were he does not say a single word.
  •  Miumiu makes her debut in this episode and is introduced as Moshimo's fiancée. She is also Moshimo's lab assistant and Robotboy's mother.
    •  Though it's not clear if she was around during his creation, or if Moshimo met her not long after he sent Robotboy to Tommy.
  •  Robotboy's Aggro-Capacitor (what gives him the ability to fight) is mentioned for the first time. It appears on screen for the first time in "Don't Fight It", but he tore it out and threw it into the ocean.
  •  The scene where SA Robotboy deflects the lasers with the backs of his hands might be a reference to Wonder Woman, who had bracelets (Bracelets of Submission) that could do the same thing. The way he deflects them is reminiscent of how she does it as well.
  •  The ending theme has a slightly higher-pitched sound to it and fades in. This episode is the only one that it does so.
  •  The official upload of this episode on YouTube oddly cuts out the title card and cuts straight to Lola talking. The audio is slightly out of sync too.
  •  Goof: Just before Robotboy picks up the kids on the couch, you can see that Tommy had been accidentally drawn with two noses.
  •  Possible Goof: As Robotboy flies the kids away, everything blue (the door, chimneys, windows, etc.) on Tommy's house is dark-magenta colored.
  •  Goof: If you look very closely and pause at the scene when Constantine blows the signal-instrument and Kamikazi snatches it away to hit him on the head, you can see that the former's eyes vanish for one frame of animation.
  •  Goof: There's a few instances during the scene of Superactivated Robotboy trying to save Tommy from Kamikazi where Ro's side is missing or miscolored.
  •  Goof: In the scene where Robotboy backs down after Kamikazi threatens to hurt Tommy and he's shown from the back, his legs don't have the knee joints that attaches them to his feet. Instead his legs connect directly with them.
  •  Goof: When Tommy bites Kamikazi and Kamikazi screams from the pain, Tommy's shirt isn't white but has the color of his skin. So it looks like Tommy doesn't wear his shirt. When Kamikazi let him go and Tommy takes control over the steering wheel, his shirt is white again.
  •  Goof: Near the end of the long shot of the interior of Professor Moshimo's Ice Cave, you can see the animation of the waterfalls stop.
  •  Possible Goof: The journey back home from Moshimo's lab seemed be shorter than the one on the way there.

In other languages

Int. Languages Int. Title Translation
Dutch Aanval door uitval Attack by failure
French Pris au piège Locked Away
German Krieg und Freuden War and Peace
Hebrew מלחמה בחלקים (Milhama Behalakim) War in parts/War in Pieces
Italian Robotboy e il pezzo mancante Robotboy and the missing piece
Spanish guerra y pedazos War and pieces
Swedish Krig och Delar War and Pieces
Polish Walka na części Battle on Pieces


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War and Pieces

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